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franks and beans!! [21 Oct 2004|08:00pm]
if i was a serial killer i'd be.....

If i was a serial killer i would be Lizzy Borden.

Lizzy Borden, not by definition a serial killer, but a notorious killer nonetheless. One day as her father was napping on the living room sofa Lizzy Borden took an axe and hit her father's head with it repeatedly some where around 40 times, completely disfiguring his face into an unrecognizable mess of blood and gore. Almost immediately after Lizzy attacked her mother in her bedroom, again hitting her head with an axe over 40 times. Lizzie Borden took an axe,

And gave her father forty whacks.
And when she saw what she had done,
She gave her mother forty-one.

kill count: 2

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True Love Never Dies

sooo good! [09 Sep 2004|09:36pm]
i can't wait to go to SD this weekend.if i get to go! it'll be so kick-ass. i still can't believe i grew enough balls to talk to the french guy! i felt so retarded when i told him something in french and he said french back! i can ony say "how are you?" in french. he's such a cutie. but i doubt i have any chance with him since all the damn girls have the hots for him. ESPECIALLY the pretty little cheerleaders. ugh! they make me sick.he got so goofy happy when i spoke french. oh well! i can't do anything about it. i'm also bummed out about the guy that got away. gotta go.type later.
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